Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey

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Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey has a well known reputation from ancient times as being a cure for arthritis, cold and flu, indigestion, gout, sore throats and many other conditions. It is also believed to prevent cancer, delay aging, improve memory and boost the function of the liver.

All these benefits have been noted anecdotally and this has been handed down from generation to generation. We make no health claims with this product, however we do recommend that you drink it for your health’s sake.

Take one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey in a full glass of water and drink 2 times daily before meals. You can also drizzle this Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey over a bowl of salad greens as a refreshing dressing, or for a more subtle taste add it to a tablespoon or two of olive oil.

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    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Posted by Liz Burgess on 9th May 2020

    Fabulous that I can buy apple cider vinegar with the honey already added. Love it

  • 5

    Posted by Jane Winiarczyk on 8th May 2020

    This is the best ACV I have tried. It is easy to drink and tastes so much better than the others. I will definitely continue to buy this.

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    Posted by Emma Dwyer on 28th Apr 2020

    I visited Tasmania Melita Honey Farm in November 2018 with my family & tried this products because it claimed to have benefits to keep colds & flus away. With 2 young kids bringing home viruses from childcare I thought I needed something to keep me well as a mum.
    I have been well ever since & can only put it down to this product.

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    Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey

    Posted by John Walsh on 27th Mar 2020

    Into my 70's I heve been taking this product for years now as a 'day starter' and have not even experienced a sniffle. or any other serious healthy issue.

    I do recommend this product and others produced by this dedicated Tasmanian family.

    John Walsh

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    Melita Apple Cider Vinigar & Honey

    Posted by Lindsay Martin on 23rd Nov 2019

    Have been using this product for 13 years great product throughly recommend

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    Quentin Tuxen

    Posted by Quentin Tuxen on 20th Oct 2019

    Quentin Tuxen Been using it for years great product

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    Melita Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar

    Posted by Pamela Bates on 17th Aug 2019

    I have been taking a tablespoon of Melita Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water each morning and again at night if I feel a cold approaching. From the first dose my gut felt nourished and my body zinged with a good dose of well being.

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    I find it very beneficial to my health

    Posted by Max Weylandt on 24th Jan 2019

    I am a non medical diabetic and taking a small amount of apple cider vinegar before breakfast appears to be keeping my blood glucose reading lower than before I was taking it.

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    Apple cider vinegar & honey

    Posted by Laraine on 17th Dec 2018

    Best one I have tried. My husband really likes it.