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Honey... Over 50 Different Varieties!

Come and discover the amazing range of natural honeys.

Taste the iconic Tasmanian Leatherwood honey - which is harvested in some of the most remote parts of the rugged wilderness. Or for the more adventurous try our Red Chilli Honey - delicious drizzled over a soft Tasmanian brie!

For cold winter nights there is our Honey Chocolate Paste - which makes a delicious hot chocolate!

There is even a honey for when you are feeling restless - a teaspoon of Aniseed honey in a mug of warm milk will have you drifting off to sleep in no time.

Explore a Real Beehive... safely behind glass!

Discover the mysteries of the honeybee!

Watch a Queen Bee lay her eggs in the honeycomb. See the worker bees spin the precious nectar into iquid gold... and maybe even see a baby bee hatch.

Delicious Honey Ice Cream... Yum!

Freshly made here in Chudleigh.

Choose from 12 different flavours - all made fresh Tasmanian milk and cream and pure honey!

Don't miss our signature Leatherwood honey ice cream. Only available by the scoop here in Chudleigh.

Handcrafted Artisan Honey Nougat

Available in 8 unique flavours.

Handcrafted here in Chudleigh with Tasmanian honey, roasted nuts and fine Belgian chocolate.

Exclusively available from our Chudleigh store.


Come and Take a Look Inside!